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    Domicilio Conocido
    Oaxtepec, MR, MX 62738

    Autopista Mexico-Cuautla km 27+200
    62738 Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico
    Phones: (011-52-735) 356-0101 356-0202
    Web: www.imss.gob.mx/vacaciones

Here's a list of things that need to be mentioned in either the final mail, or to participants on arrival:

Stuff people need to know before they arrive:

  • how to get to Oaxtepec from the airport -- make clear we won't pick people up; give URL to instructions
  • URL so one can check if have sponsored accommodation / instructions what to do if need non-sponsored accommodation but haven't organised it yet
  • things you do not need to bring to .mx, like towels, bed covers, silver ware, ...
  • things you do need to bring to .mx, like power bars, wifi cable, power plug adapters, passport, ticket, notebook...
  • the venue is bigger then anticipated. if you have a PoE switch at home and an wifi AP that you could bring, please contact us.
  • if you receive travel sponsorship please check again that you have all requested documents (see the mail you got for that).

Stuff people need to know about the network setup:

  • dont have a dhcp server running, we will provide that (including failover dhcp, to be sure you always get your ip).
    • dont run an own one, that will break the net and people will cry at you.
  • we redirect all mirrors as we have one local and not much bandwith (we will stream live video over the same link), so if you want the real one: edit your etc/hosts or use another dns, but please dont for normal apt-get!
  • whoever needs an account on any work machines provided down in .mx: accounts are given out on request. please mail your gpg keyid to joerg@debconf.org (recheck that address before finally sending the mail! may change!)

  • We will run a password sniffer and give out the usernames of those people that used plain text crap. (Not the passwords itself). So dont do it. Use ssh, tunnels or something. Again: WE SNIFF FOR CLEARTEXT PASSWORDS!
  • ?DebConfs IRC Channels which include a schedule bot announcing talks and stuff will be #debconf on both irc.freenode.net AND irc.oftc.net!

  • We will have 10MBit network (down and up), sometimes 2 of that are reserved for video streams to the world. So please dont run big download stuff, sync your local mirror or something. (Sync that against our local mirror, which will be update).

Stuff thats always interesting:

  • Eating times.
  • Laundary service is available. There will be an external service coming to pick up and deliver our laudary for a humble 11 MXN per kg. You can use this service independently of your housing choice.
  • DebConf6HowtoGetToOaxtepec

  • on the plain you need to fill in the address of the place that you will stay at. The address of the venue (and the hotels on it) is:
    • Centro Vacacional IMSS oaxtepec Autopista Mexico-Cuautla km 27+200 Centro 62738 Oaxtepec, Morelos, Mexico Phones: (011-52-735) 356-0101 356-0202 Web: www.imss.gob.mx/vacaciones