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  1. Encourage people to register arrival and departure data at COMAS
  2. Publish info in the website (english and spanish) : picture of the bus station (already on SVN) and draw a map (also on SVN) all the way to the bus station. It would be nice if somebody documents this with pictures.
  3. Take pictures of the way from the airport (International Arrivals, Lounge E1) to the Tasqueña Bus Terminal.
  4. Publish ways to arrive at the Oaxtepec Vacational Center (place of Debconf6) on the website

Ways for arriving at Oaxtepec Vacational Center

  1. Taxi from Airport - OVC. On a Suburban class vehicle (fits 7 persons) price is MX1,900.00-USD$176.00; on a sedan automobile (fits 3 persons + moderate luggage), price is MX$900.00-USD$85.00 (not sure about this). (Prices with 'Sitio 300'). Also note that the people riding in the taxi will have to pay tolls on the road to OVC. I believe we paid about MX130 total for 3 or 4 toll stops.

  2. Taxi from Airport - Central Camionera de Taxqueña - Bus to OVC. (zona 5, col. Campestre Churubusco), bus have to be taken from there in direction to Oaxtepec.

    • Authorized taxi services:

      Sitio 300 Ram van: MX$250.00 - USD$23.50 and sedan: MX$172.00 - USD$16.00 Luggage excess: MX$40.00 USD$4.00. Don't forget to ask for sedan if you are less than 4 people, otherwise you will get the expensive van.

      Protaxis ejecutivos (Executive service for only 7 persons) Executive service only (suburban): MX$270.00 - USD$25.00 Depending on the time of day, the taxi can take between 45 minutes and one and a half hours to get to Taxqueña.

  3. Volunteer vehicles, Airport - OVC Wait in the airport for arriving people and take small groups to Oaxtepec

    • Take México-Cuernavaca highway, passing by 'La Pera' and then take deviation to Oaxtepec via Tepoztlán.

      Some pictures from the road to Oaxtepec: 1, 2, 3, 4. Toll: Tlalpan booth MX$85.00 - USD$8.00, Tepoztlan booth MX$24.00 - USD$2.00, Oacalco booth MX$24.00 - USD$2.00. Total MX$133.00 - USD$12.00

  4. Bus from Airport's Bus Station - Cuernavaca - OVC. Goes to the Casino de la Selva terminal, at Cuernavaca.

    • Departures every 30 or 40 minutes, starting at 6:40 'till 23:30 Aproximated trip time: 1 hr. 40 min. Fare price (until now 24/02/06): MX$110.00 - USD$10.00 No reservations need but phone numbers are here if needed: at MCIA is 5786 9341, 42, 47, 58 ext. 17. Reservations at Cuernavaca: 01 (777) 312 9472 y 7620 Arriving at Casino de la Selva terminal somebody will pick you app and take you to OVC. Maybe you could take a taxi too: MX$250.00 - USD$23.00

      An automobile ride from Cuernavaca to Oaxtepec is around 30 minutes long (aprox. 40 Kms). Take the Cuernavaca-Cuautla bypass till you reach the junction with Cocoyoc and the continue in this highway till the junction with Oaxtepec. (Source SCT, rutas punto a punto)

  5. Metro (subway) Airport - bus from the Tasqueña terminal to OVC.

    • Use the subway Metro. MX$2.00 - USD$0.19 We've made the trip and the time it takes is roughly 1 hr. For this option documentation with photos is really needed any volunteers?.

      Take the metro at Terminal Aérea line 5 (Yellow) to Pantitlán.

      At Pantitlán take line 9 (Café) to Tacubaya

      Step down at Chabacano and take line 2 (Blue) to Tasqueña

For people arriving late at night

The last bus from Taxqueña to Oaxtepec leaves at 23:00 - For people who cannot reach this last bus, we recommend:

  1. Spend the night in Mexico

    • Around 1km away from the Taxqueña bus station you will find Hotel Montreal. It is a cheap hotel (US$20-40 a night), and quite decent. The hotel is located over Calzada de Tlalpan, almost arriving to where Miguel Ángel de Quevedo avenue begins. You can arrive directly by taxi from the airport to this hotel, and leave early in the morning for Oaxtepec.

  2. Contact somebody in the committee, take the bus to Cuernavaca

    • Contact by phone the committee (we will later on publish a phone number you can reach us at and check if we can pick you up in Cuernavaca. If so, take the bus directly from the airport.