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Basic Information

Homepage: http://debconf.org/debconf5/

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Dates: Unofficial: July 1-9, Official: July 10-17. The official part is when the actual conference is held and there are talks going on. The unofficial part is before that where many Debian people gather together to work on things together.

Quite a few people from d-w were attending the conference. First of all, about 10% of the registered attendees were women. Second, quite a few of the participants were d-w people - and as you can see from the http://www.debconf.org/debconf5/about/schedule many of us were giving talks.

  • Hanna Wallach, Dafydd Harries, Moray Allan: Debian New Maintainer Process: History and Aims
  • Erinn Clark, Magni Onsoien: Debian Women and Women in Free Software
  • Marga Monterola: Are we really devoted to our users?
  • Helen Faulkner: Using Debian for science research

Slides and videos of the talks are available at http://wiki.debian.net/?[:English/DebConf5Talk:DebConf5Talk]

Hanna organized an order of d-w t-shirts before Debconf. We took a group photo after the d-w talk on Friday.


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Erinn Clark

mailto:erinn@double-helix.org||July 9

July 17


Luk Claes