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Print all the Debian source code! 12 tons paper

Someone to get everyone to bed early

Debian jokes t-shirts

DebConf interest introductions so people know who they can talk to about their interests

machine learning tool for license extraction

non-gratis DebConf registration or other way to get committals

extra bits behind addresses - lowRISC etc

gobby web interface:


paul to write web interface code!

captive portals done right: https://christian.amsuess.com/idea-incubator/captive-portals-done-right/

code review platform for packaging

directions for collab-maint?

DebConf schedule optimisation based on attendance information

replace core Debian processes (conf orga, voting etc) with the blockchain - etherium

where do I know you from? on badge? call the NSA :)

badge interests - free-form field

qr code for keysigning/interests

t-shirts with interests on back

open source 3d tshirt printer

free form text on contributors pages

voting on RFSs/RFPs/ITPs

better feedback cycles between package users & Debian

keysigning organisation style

speed geeking for DebConf attendees

voting on DebConf events - audience size estimation etc

gobby track document end so people don't need to keep scrolling

gobby edit war !

a truckload of green beans

postcards are printed and (almost?) sold out

languages on badges

package salvaging

location information service

shapado instance for ideas