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14:21 < madduck> thep: hello!
14:21 < thep> madduck, hi
14:21 < thep> surprised
14:21 < madduck> can someone give me logs of the discussion about debconf9, or did i miss nothing?
14:21 < madduck> thep: bubulle_ invited me.
14:21 < thep> i see
14:22 < thep> I just said about the popularity of debian in Thailand
14:22 < madduck> is it high?
14:23 < thep> It's like second distro for experienced users
14:23 < madduck> and what's first???
14:23 < thep> Many have switched from RedHat/Fedora
14:24 < thep> I mean, second distro in individuals' experience, not about the rank
14:24 < madduck> ah, okay.
14:24 < madduck> so contrary to what jewel said, it's quite popular then?
14:24 < madduck> not that we really need popularity, but it would be awesome to have a packed debday
14:25 < thep> not quite popular in the sense that it's used everywhere. but most linux veterans who answer questions in the forum use it.
14:26 < madduck> sounds like everywhere else on this planet. :)
14:26 < thep> yes
14:26 < thep> same for ubuntu's increasing momentum
14:27 < madduck> thep: so what do you think? chiang mai? khon kaen? bangkok? ko chang? ko xxx?
14:28 < thep> for the readiness of most facilities, i think of two candidates: bangkok and phuket
14:28 < madduck> mh.
14:28 < madduck> chiang mai and khon kaen really seem like they should be able to cater as well
14:29 < thep> phuket is an island in the south, with "ICT City" project developed.
14:29 < madduck> bangkok is just big, confusing, loud, somewhat dangerous, and many people won'
14:29 < madduck> t like the smog.
14:29 < thep> Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen are also among those chosen by government as "ICT City".
14:29 < madduck> and phuket is filled with those aweful tourists. :)
14:30  * madduck has never been south of bangkok
14:30 < madduck> i personally would love chiang mai the most, but a beach would be really nice as well.
14:30 < madduck> though we'd have some broken laptops afterwards, with sand in the fans.
14:31  * thep is inclined to Khon Kaen, his home town :)
14:31 < madduck> yeah, i would love that. i know some great folks in khon kaen.
14:32 < madduck> thep:
14:33 < madduck> thep: i say we host debconf9 around 13-15 april in chiang mai! :)
14:33 < thep> madduck, oh, i missed meeting you! (will read more later)
14:33 < madduck> thep: i will be back, for *sure*
14:34 < thep> madduck, oh, DebConf during Songkran is an awesome idea
14:34 < madduck> rofl
14:35 < madduck> actually, one day would be enough, i am sure. three days was just too much for me.
14:37 < thep> debconf has its certain period, e.g. May/June?
14:38 < thep> (i'm thinking of winter, where the weather is not so hot)
14:39 < madduck> thep: more or less, which doesn't really work so well for thailand... monsoon...
14:39 < madduck> yeah, november or february
14:39 < madduck> december and january will be too expensive to fly.
14:40 < madduck> so if we have e.g. debconf9 in february in thailand, we could have one in october in belgium or montreal. :)
14:40 < madduck> thep: can i quote this discussion on the wiki, btw?
14:40 < thep> yes
14:42 < madduck> i anticipate if we get serious about this, i'll have to fly to thailand for "business". what a darn shame. :)
14:43 < thep> will update when getting some more progress from other people