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The [[DebConf/Publicity | DebConf Publicity]] team also has a major role to play in fundraising processes.

The annual Debian developers' conference (DebConf) typically needs 150000-200000 USD raised from sponsors to cover the cost of the conference and the bursaries granted to attendees. The DebConf fundraising team strives to provide adequate funding to each annual conference. It also ensures that sponsors' perks are delivered as promised during the fundraisers.

The DebConf fundraising is not yet integrated with the Debian fundraising but the DebConf fundraising team exchanges regularly with the Debian partners team, DSA, the DebConf Video team and other teams that work with Debian sponsors or have demands for specific donations (e.g. hardware).

Shortcomings in the annual DebConf budget or costs which are incurred before sponsors have paid are usually covered by a DPL approved budget for each individual DebConf.

The workflow for each individual sponsor ensures that the decentralised members of the fundraising team can coordinate across diverse timezones.

An important tool for fundraising is the annual debconfXX.debconf.org website. There is a migration checklist to help the creation of the next DebConf's website.

The ?DebConf Publicity team also has a major role to play in fundraising processes.