Timeline of things and tasks

-18 months

congrats you have won the bid for DCn+1

-18 to -12 months

join the fundraising team for the current running DCn

-18 to -12 months

collect a list of local companies that could be potential sponsors to your DC

-12 months

attend DCn, interact with as many people as you can

-11 months

prepare your fundraising material (typically flyer and brochure) you will needs visual ID which means the selected logo and accompanying design elements like color scales, fonts, key images etc.

-10 months

send initial sponsorship email to all collected sponsor leads (shall include flyer and brochure, that if are not ready should be part of first follow up email)

-8 months

send first follow up email

-6 months

end second follow up email

-5 months

send information on jobfair and other relevant sponsor information

-3 months

send last call to sponsors

-2 months

order t-shirts and attendee bags or any other gear you have planned to produce

-1 month

make sure you have collected all payments from sponsors and have all logos up on the webpage

0 month

have fun at your DC, run the jobfair, attend to sponsor representatives joining the conference in person, send proof material to sponsors requesting it, check whether invoices to sponsors are sent and payments are done

+1 month

send thank you note to sponsors and hand over to the next local team