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Please note and use it when searching on a map or taking a taxi.

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From ICN or GMP

CALLOUT: If you are transferring flights in PUS, SKIP this paragraph and refer to the paragraph From PUS below.

ICN; Incheon International Airport is the most well-known airport in Korea. Sometimes, the arrival/departure point is GMP; Gimpo International Airport. You can access to AREX; Airport Railroad, vise-versa.

Route 1. using AREX->KTX

CALLOUT: Please check AREX's operating hour, before ride.

Mobile Data Warning AREX Website's user guide: LINK Image Included.

After department, board the AREX to Seoul station, board the KTX for from Seoul station to Busan station.

ICN Terminal 1/2

Towards Seoul station:


Note: Curfew is 23:00 ~ 06:00(+1Day).

CALLOUT: For International to Domestric Transfer, You must FIND YOUR LUGGAGE and move to GMP Domestic Terminal and then you have to CHECK-IN YOUR LUGGAGE AGAIN.

You can transfer to PUS. Please check your flight career's minimum transfer times, before planning and ticketing.

Towards Seoul station:

Seoul station

Route 2. using KTX Airport Limousine Bus

CALLOUT: For towards ICN tickets and towards Gwangmyeong tickets, THE TICKETING METHOD IS DIFFERENT. Please note and be careful not to get confused.

27 seats Limousine Bus, serviced by Korail. Seats are non-reserved and first-come, first-served basis.

Towards Gwangmyeong station

Towards ICN

From PUS

CALLOUT: IATA code PUS means Pusan (former romanization of Busan), but OFFICIAL name is Gimhae International Airport. Please note and be careful not to get confused.

Transferred from ICN

Airport Website's Guide: LINK

TEDF operated by Korean Air: Transit Exclusive Domestic Flights are domestic flights operated for passengers with international flight connections.

Transferred from GMP

Note: If you interested in aviation, National Aviation Museum of Korea is near the GMP.

CALLOUT: For International to Domestric Transfer, You must FIND YOUR LUGGAGE and move to GMP Domestic Terminal and then you have to CHECK-IN YOUR LUGGAGE AGAIN.

Route. using Metro

From Korail Busan Station

CALLOUT-Public Information Graphic Symbol:

How to transfer to other transportation:

Route 1. using Metro:

Route 2. using Intra-City Bus:

Route 1. using Metro

Route 2. using Intra-City Bus (Less walk, Low-Floor Bus: particially operating)

Public Transportation

Busan Metropolitan City Website's guide: LINK.

Public Transportation Card

CALLOUT: suggested T-Money or Cashbee.

Note: Why only T-Money and Cashbee are suggested? There are(and/or have been) many different types of transportation cards in Korea. Unfortunatly, it became available One Card All Pass (nationwide usability) about 10 years ago. Some transportation cards have been discontinued as the project progresses. Nevertheless, it is still difficult to recharge other than the above two types in both the Seoul metropolitan area and Busan.

Note: You can easily see the OPPA CARD(a.k.a. My Transportation Card; 나메네카드) Vending machine on Korail's station. Those cards are Rail+ type transportation card operated by Korail. It can be used in the same way as the T-Money and Cashbee. But charging within Busan is only possible in Storyway CVS at Korail stations, CU CVS, and emart24 CVS.

Can be used not only in transportation! Also in below list, including CVS.

Where to buy and recharge?

Please prepare KRW; Korean Won CASH for recharge.

You can rechage the card in the unit of 1,000 KRW.


Note: SR operate SRT only, and they DO NOT support direct transfers to other train types (such as KTX, ITX-Saemaul, Mugunghwa train, etc. operated by Korail). If necessary, you need to purchase a ticket separatly. In this way, no compensation will be provided if subsequent trains are unavailable due to delays or other reasons.

KTX: Korea Train eXpress. Opertated by Korail.

Ticket Reservation

CALLOUT: Overseas credit card CANNOT be used on stations' on-site vending machines. If you need to use veding machines, some machines support cash payment.

SRT: Super Rapid Train. Operated by SR.

TBD. Departing from Suseo station.

AREX: Airport Railload EXpress, Operated by Airport Railroad Co.,Ltd.

AREX Lines divided 2 Lines. Orange Color(#F97600) Direct Line and Ocean Color(#0090D2) All stop Line. You cannot transfer between Direct Line and All stop Line at midway stations.

Transfer between Seoul Metropolitan Metro and AREX All stop Line

TBD. Fare:

Ticket Reservation (Direct Line ONLY)

Metro (도시철도)

Busan Transportation Corporation Website: LINK

Intra-City Bus (시내버스)

In this paragraph:

Currently, related official websites are only available in Korean languege. For this reason, please using Third-party App such as NAVER Map (All-in-One) and/or ?KakaoMap·?KakaoBus·?KakaoMetro Apps instead.

Transfer between Metro and Intra-City Bus