Cheese and Wine

Please, please, read:

Orga Team

Cheese Monsters and Cheese gremlins


That is very historical and mostly left here to have a good laugh - Debian has a team for everything :P

Available volunteers aka wannabee Cheese Gremlins (please add yourself to a team)


Shopping list


Customs regulations

Customs Clearance Guide for Passengers

What will be available during the party?

Please add your entry in alphabetical order. Please choose one, two, or exceptionally three, representative cheeses or food items from a place (list of cheeses).

It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

We will try to label stuff based on the information pasted on this list, so please put everything here!

Considering that the food comes from different countries and languages, in order to speed up the efficiency and accuracy of labeling, labels will be printed and affixed on the food plates in advance before the party.

We encourage providers to fill in the food story introduction so that participants can understand the story behind the food.

(Countries list not exhaustive: this is a copy/paste from DC23's C&W. Please add to it if needed.)