DebConf 2024 bid for Busan, Korea

See Check list. See /Venue for taken high-resolution photos.



1 Big room

USD 1,000 per a day

700 people

Main hall (Control room)

? Theatre room

USD 200 per a day

100~200 people

TBD, under negotiation

4 Class rooms

Free in charge

70 people

Room 210, Room 211

40 people

Room 212, Room 213

2 Small meeting rooms

Free in charge

15 people

Room 316, Small Meeting Room

2 Storage room

Free in charge

Room 214, Main hall storage room


USD 31 per room (two people)

maximum 200 rooms (400 people, all rooms are twin beds)


USD 10 per person per meal

no limits for maximum people

Why Busan

Busan is the second largest city and the largest port city located at the Southeastern coast of Korean peninsula.

Location of Busan in South Korea, by wikipedia

Why Busan is a great place for DebConf.

Busan night, by BTO Busan night busking, by BTO Busan night street, by BTO Busan port, by BTO

Venue: Pukyong National University (PKNU, 부경대학교)

The venue is Pukyong National University (PKNU), Daeyeon campus. OpenStreetMap "공학1관"

The campus is well connected with other places of Busan by metro and by bus.

Venue location with Busan metro

PKNU campus from above, by PKNU

Busan is a city built on numerous mountains and slopes centered around a harbor, but the campus is located on a flat area, that was once used as an airfield by the US Air Force during the Korean War.

PKNU day time PKNU night time

This venue will provide an optimal setting for the conference, with easy access to the location and a pleasant experience on the campus.

College of Engineering 1 building

The conference rooms will be provided at the College of Engineering 1 building.

The College of Engineering of PKNU is the biggest engineering college in the country, with about 4500 students. It uses two connected buildings, Building 1 and Building 2, which were recently built in 2018 to replace old facilities. They are clean and convenient to use, with facilities suitable for conferences.

venue room 1 venue room 2 venue room 3 venue space 1 venue space 2

See /Venue for more detailed photos and floor plans. /!\ HIGH RES /!\

Network connectivity

We will directly connect to 10Gbps upstream from Korea's research network, KOREN PKNU has the Busan Point of Presence (PoP) of KOREN.

KOREN backbone topology, from


Type F sockets and Type F(Schuko) and Type C plugs are commonly used in South Korea.

The voltage is 220V at 60 hertz. You might need an adapter for free-voltage products or a 220v to 110v transformer for exclusively 110V products.

Picture of Type F socket and plug from Picture of Type C socket and plug from

Power surges or blackouts are not common in South Korea, thanks to the good quality of the power supply. However, you might need to prepare for power surges, especially since the scheduled event date is in the summer when lightning can occur.


Embark on a gastronomic journey through the vibrant and diverse realm of Korean cuisine, where robust flavors and wholesome ingredients converge to craft an unforgettable dining experience.

Partake in timeless classics such as Bibimbap, a harmonious blend of rice, fresh vegetables, and savory sauces, or savor the fermented richness of Kimchi, a ubiquitous side dish that imparts a piquant zest to any meal. Revel in the crispiness of Jeon, savory pancakes abundant with vegetables, or luxuriate in the comforting warmth of Sundubu Jjigae, a spicy tofu stew.

Whether one adheres to a vegan, vegetarian, halal, lactose-free, or gluten-free dietary regimen, Korean cuisine extends a warm welcome to all, presenting an array of dishes meticulously curated to accommodate diverse culinary preferences. Therefore, we invite you to partake in the exquisite offerings of Korean cuisine without hesitation.

Bibimbap Donkatsu Patbingsu

English breakfast Kimchi-Jeon Korean Fried Chicken

You can see various images of food which can be found easily around Busan from (HERE)


Hot and humid weather is expected. Expected temperatures in late July and early August are 24-30°C (75-86°F) in cool days, 26-35°C (78-95°F) for hot days, 27-30°C (80-86°F) average temperature. Humidity will range 70-90%. (Weather data by Korea Meteorological Administration)

In late July, the monsoon season will end in Busan. But there's still a chance to meet heavy rain or a typhoon.


Entering the country

By flight

Gimhae International Airport (PUS) is the nearby airport. But direct international routes to PUS are short ones from East and Southeast Asia.

Direct flights to PUS by

There are many flights to Incheon International Airport (ICN), where you can transfer to PUS.

Direct flights to ICN by

In case when there's no convenient route from your place to PUS or if it's too expensive, you can arrive at ICN and go to Busan by land or by another domestic flight.

By ferry

There are a few international ferry routes from Japan (Sushima, Fukuoka, Osaka, Shimonoseki) to Busan Port.

Getting to the venue

Gimhae International Airport to the venue

Busan station to the venue

Incheon International Airport to the venue


OpenStreetMap "세종1관"

We will use the university dormitories which are 50-200 meters away from the conference buildings. Each room has two single sized (100x200cm) beds, desks, closets, a shoes cabinet, an AC, a fridge and a toilet/shower. There are common lounges with a microwave and a water dispenser. On the ground floor, there are stores, coffee shop and laundry place.

PKNU Dormitory Tour (video on YouTube, in Korean)

Dorm room Dorm room

Day trips

Visa Policy

Republic of Korea has visa waiver agreements with more than 100 countries and regions. This visa policy is more friendly than most of the developed countries.

Visa policy of South Korea, by wikipedia

If you are from a country with visa waiver agreement program, you can visit Republic of Korea for 30-90 days without visa. Otherwise, you need to issue a visa to visit Republic of Korea.

Cheese and Wine Import

Free Time


For budgeting, we calculated with 100 people for DebCamp and 180 people for DebConf.

Maximum for accommodation is up to 400 people (200 rooms). No limits for number of food people.


Venue + Accommo + Food

KRW 83,480,000

USD 64,714


KRW 15,000,000

USD 11,628


KRW 42,800,000

USD 33,178


KRW 25,680,000

USD 19,908

based on Option 2

Provisionally reserved unit cost


KRW 1,000,000

USD 776

per day


KRW 40,000

USD 31

per room (two people) per night


KRW 12,000

USD 10

per person per meal

Option 2

Breakdown 1: DebCamp (assuming 100 sponsored people)


KRW 1,000,000

x 7 days

KRW 7,000,000

USD 5,427


50 rooms

x KRW 40,000

x 7 days

KRW 14,000,000

USD 10,853


100 people

x KRW 12,000

x 7 days

KRW 8,400,000

USD 6,512

Breakdown 2: DebConf (assuming 180 sponsored people)


KRW 1,000,000

x 8 days

KRW 8,000,000

USD 6,201


90 rooms

x KRW 40,000

x 8 days

KRW 28,800,000

USD 22,325


180 people

x KRW 12,000

x 8 days

KRW 17,280,000

USD 13,396


Local team


Debian/Free software experiences

DebConf or Event organizing experiences

Jongmin Kim

Debian Maintainer

Attended DebConf18, 19, 23. Sometimes volunteered in video team. / Organized 5+ academic conferences

Changwoo Ryu

Debian Developer

Attended DebConf4, 18, 19, 23.

Youngbin Han

Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Korean LoCo organizer

Attended DebConf18 / Organized UbuCon Asia 2021~2023, UbuCon Korea 2023, FOSSASIA Summit 2022

Minseong Cho

Ubuntu Member, Ubuntu Korean LoCo organizer

Organized UbuCon Asia 2022, UbuCon Korea 2023

Yeonguk Choo

Ubuntu Korean LoCo organizer

Organized UbuCon Korea 2023

Junsang Moon

Ubuntu Korean LoCo organizer

Organized UbuCon Korea 2023

Seongsoo Cho

OpenInfra Korea Community organizer

Organized OpenInfra Days Korea (for many years), PyCon APAC 2016

Giyeon Bang

C++ Korea organizer

Organized UbuCon Asia 2022, UbuCon Korea 2023

Junwon Lee

C++ Korea organizer, PyCon.KR organizer

PyCon Korea 2023

Woohee Yang

Free software enthusiast

Organized multiple academic conferences

Gyeongtaek Kim

Debian mirror operator (

Doyun Shin

Debian mirror operator (

Jiho Park

Debian mirror operator (

Organized multiple academic conferences and hackathons

Sangmin Lee

Ubuntu Korean LoCo member

Ha-Joo Song


Dean of College of ITC in PKNU / Organized 10+ academic conferences

Remote local team

People interested in helping

Team contact


Short Idea

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