DebConf23 team meeting: 1



Ravi, abbyck, srud, Abraham Raji, Pirate Praveen, abhijith, aaj, Hacksk, Shameel Abdulla, sahilister


  1. Frequency of the meeting
  2. Tracking the progress
  3. Things we need to/can start working on working soon. - getting approval for conference from Ministry is something to start working soon.
  4. Ways to track progress. (Duplicate :P)
  6. Budget and reply to tumbleweed
  7. Team updates


- Scheduled meeting monthly, call for meeting can be made in between as needed.

# action - to make poll for day/time - sahilister - done

- Tracking progress - Cryptpad kanban board/salsa/nextcloud in discussion

# action - poll - where to track - sahilister - done

- Things to be tracked on tracker, before next meet - srud

- nattie and tumbleweed might visit venue next month

- is with Abhas

# action - Abraham to take this up - done

- Budget - folks to check if all is fine.

- Where to collect sponsorship money, SMC as an option

# action - talk to SMC - praveen - SMC can't be used - done

- Sponsership brochures - to reuse existing brochures template, should be ready by mid September

# action - new design - Abraham. Hacksk and team will help with content - not required

# action - migrate/fix pad to cryptpad and team fixtures - srud - done

- design team update

- Abraham doing the bootstrapping website. To be handed to kannan and bady

- swag team update

- publicity tem update. Maybe Mini/Micro/conf before event

- importing/custom stuff - srud had a word with dlange to send stuff a month earlier. - daytrip team, a seperate team to be done # action - add MOM to debian wiki, like mdc india - sahilister - done