If you want local SIM card from Airtel and if you have e-visa, you will need a color printout of eTA document with photo (not the email print out). And they will come back if we have many people who want the SIM. You need to pay cash (300 inr/exact change if possible).

We will share the number of people who need the SIM by 4pm and if there are enough numbers, they will come, if not they will come in the next day.

September 7

  1. Santiago R.R.

September 11 - 1900 hrs

Venue : Outdoor space opposite to Video Team Room ( 2nd Floor)

  1. Paulo Santana
  2. Jandira Menezes
  3. Solveig
  4. Andreas Bombe
  5. Michael Banck
  6. Ilu
  7. Athos Ribeiro
  8. Anisa
  9. Christoph Senkel
  10. Baurzhan

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