Welcome to DebCamp!

DebCamp occurs the week before DebConf (Sun, September 3 –> Sat, September 9, 2023)

It's a week for Debian contributors to focus on tasks or problems uninterrupted.

WiFi with basic Internet will be available from the 3rd, DebConf WiFi will likely be set up during this day or the next.

Some prefer to work alone, while some prefer to participate in or organize sprints. Both are great, although we strongly encourage you to plan your DebCamp week in advance either way.

DebCamp is for people who want to do work, please don't show up expecting to be entertained. If you're around and looking for something to do, please get in touch with the DebConf organisation team on the #debconf-team IRC channel. You can also find more information under the Volunteers section on the DebConf23 main wiki page.

Subscribe to the debconf-announce mailing list to stay up to date with news and events. We try to limit mail to this list to 1 per day during DebCamp and DebConf.

Daily Announcements

If you're joining late and need to catch up, please scan through the past daily announcements:


Sprints are moments of concentrated effort organized by teams to work in their respective areas of Debian. Sprints can have specific goals, or can be just "let's make our part of Debian better".

Sprints are a great opportunity for new contributors to get in touch with Debian teams and get involved in Debian development.

If you're organising a sprint, please list it below, and if available, also link to its wiki page and announcement.

Your Plans

Debian Boot Camp

Get introduced to Debian and have some hands-on experience with using Debian and contributing to Debian. If you are new to Debian and want to dive deeper.

PGP keys 101: get your keys ready for DebConf's keysigning party

Get introduced to PGP/GPG keys and the web of trust. We are going to setup your keys so you can join DebConf's keysigning party. The main target are people new to Debian who doesn't have a gpg key (though others are welcome too).