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Tasks for Debconf 20 in Haifa

Day Trip

Owner: Talat and Karina

Get options for day trip for upcoming session at the end of conference.


Owner: George and Tzafrir

Contact dorms and check:

  • What rooms do we have? single-beds or double beds? Both

  • What is the price per bed?
  • When do we need to commit on the exact number?
  • Family dorms: likewise: will they be some available and how much time in advance must we commit if so?
  • Can we have a few beds for a number of days before Debcamp?
  • Is it possible for us to get a block of beds and manage all allocations from there?


Owner: George and Tamir



Owner: ???


Owner: ???

Get statistics of previous allergies and such from previous debconfs.


Owner: ???

Does the food need to be kosher? Will it be good enough to just have an extra Kosher option? Where do we check that?


Owner: Tzafrir

Wireless Microphones

Owner: ???

Can our wireless microhones work in Israel (Tzafrir: fill in the exact model).