Frequently Asked Questions about Debconf 20

Will the Coronavirus Cancel the Conference?

We simply don't know yet. As of March 2020, Israel has forbidden all non-nationals from entering Israel, and all nationals returning must enter 14 days of self-quarantine.

The entire country had been under curfew from March 17 to May 3. Schools are now slowly reopening and meetings of up to 20 people are allowed. 50 people groups shall be able to meet from May 17 and the cap is planned to be lifted by June 14 if the infection rates stay low.

Still we cannot be sure yet that the conference can take place. Bear in mind, however, that the conference is still three months away, and we are closely monitoring the situation in Israel and the travel situation.

You can check the Wikipedia entry for an update on current measures and the planned "exit strategy".

The planning committee has not yet made any decision, and is working, for the time being, under the assumption that the conference will take place as originally planned.

We have updated our DebConf20 important dates page with the postponed dates for registration opening and the CFP schedule.

When Will Final Decision be Made?

The deadline for deciding on postponing, cancelling or changing the format of the conference is at the beginning of June.

Would the conference be held remotely?

That's a decision that the team would make, at the same time.

The DebConf video team has had some people looking at improving remote attendance in general, for a while. Team members are looking at options to support an entirely remote conference, but these are still in somewhat early stages of development. They are developing BillowConf, a platform for virtual conferences and are in need of developers with Vue, Python or WebRTC experience. Development happens in the #minidebconf-online IRC channel on