DebConf 2021 bid for Lisbon, Portugal


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Our proposal is for DebConf21 to take place in Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon because:

This will be a guarantee of a smooth and traditional DebConf.

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Jose M Calhariz

My dream is to have a DebConf in Portugal at my University. I will do whatever is needed to have a smooth DebConf in Lisbon.

Rui Branco

Gathering dispersed knowledge on Open Source Software namely on Debian and concentrate in efficient and collaborative teams is one of my insights for wanting this Debconf in Portugal. First to get the global community to know this beautiful country and second to take the local (country) community "...Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before"... aiming to "Debian where to now ....(future)"

Pedro Ribeiro

Being a long time Debian user, and open-source software supporter, I would be most happy to help bring DebConf to Portugal.

Ana Fragoso

Will be part of a collaborative teamwork with the ability to multitask in an English-speaking environment. I feel perfectly at home liaising the accommodation, conference dinner, special rooms, catering and keeping close contact with the venue’s management. My goal in participating is to help make Debian 2021 happen in a welcome and multicultural environment for all.

Diana Rodrigues

I will be working with Ana Fragoso and will be assisting with all work needed with the accommodation, conference dinner and catering, as well as any facilities management. Will also be able to give the Treasurer any backup necessary.