Co-ordination page for DebConf 2021 Bid from India

Want to volunteer for Bringing in DebConf to India? Add your name and contact details to the list down here and get in touch with us using the contact mediums listed.

Volunteers list

1. Utkarsh Gupta <guptautkarsh2102 at gmail dot com>

2. Sruthi Chandran

3. Raju Devidas <rajudev at disroot dot org>

4. Aman Verma

5. Kuntal Majumder <hellozee at disroot dot org>

6. Kiran S Kunjumon

7. Shirish Agarwal <shirish at gmail dot com>

8. Ankur Kothiwal <knownymous at protonmail dot com>

9. Manas Kashyap <manaskashyaptech at gmail dot com>

10. Shobha Tyagi <tyagishobh at gmail dot com>

11. Ranjith R <ranjith_117 at yahoo dot com>

12. Shashank Kumar <abc at shanky dot xyz>

13. Abraham Raji

14. Anoop M S <anoopms at disroot dot org>

15. Ann Philip

16. Levi Vaguez

17. Abhay

18. Ajmal

19. Subin Sibi

20. Sahil Joseph < warlord77 at>

21. Tarun Kumar <meets2tarun at gmail dot com>

22. Kartik Kulkarni

23. <Add your name and email here>

Discussion Groups/Lists

  1. Debian India Mailing List: Important decisions will be posted and discussed here. Make sure to subscribe it

  2. Matrix Chat group:

  3. Debian India IRC Channel: #debian-in on OFTC. Note: Because of spam control restrictions, your IRC nick needs to be registered and verified in order to be able to join the IRC channel.

Tasks co-ordination

Top priority

1. Form the local team for DebConf organization: rajudev (in progress)

2. Find a host city and venue capable of hosting DebConf: Kiran and Kuntal and almost everyone (in progress)

To be done

1. ..


1. ..