DebConf 2021 bid for India

DebConf 2021 bid for India

This page contains the bid information for ?DebConf 2021 in India.

Motivation Behind the bid

The Indian Debian community has been talking of hosting DebConf in India for long. But finally in DebConf 2018 we made our first move. We did our first informal bid for a DebConf India at DebConf Taiwan in 2018. India has a diverse community of Debian users and developers around the country. The Asian continent has far been away from having ?DebConfs in any Asian cities. That scenario changed with DebConf Taiwan and they did host a great DebConf Taiwan 2018. We want to continue on that momentum and go on to host another DebConf in Asia to be in India.

Why India

India is a huge and diverse country and also a unique travel destination. Although it has some of the biggest cities in the world, but much of it is in Rural and there are some incredible sites to be discovered all the time. The geographical diversity of India is vary diverse. In the North we have the Himalayas and many mountainous regions and to the south we have many beaches, there are deserts in the west and lot of tribal cultures thrive in the east.

Among the various travel oriented reasons for India, we want to mention that the Free and Open Source Software Communities in India are present in many regions and are diverse in terms of Technology. There are many Free Software User groups LUG's all over India.

Diverse Open Source Communities

There are many free and open source communities in India. This is a good chance to introduce them to the global community of Debian.

Some of the free and open source communities in India are listed below:

and the list is too big to be included here. Various other open source communities are also present and can be found on

Debian Events

We have an active Debian community here organizing big and small events throughout the year, from ?MiniDebConfs, ?DebUtsavs, Debian Release Parties, Packaging Workshops we have all types of events.

Regular, Local, and Large Open Source Conference Experience

We have hosted many other conferences in Different regions around India. Some of the most prominent one's being.

How to reach India ?

India could be easily reached by air transport. Although International airports are present in many cities across India. The four major airports are Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. The Indira Gandhi International Airport Delhi and the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airports are some of the best airports in the world. Although we are yet to narrow down on a specific venue.

Visas, Customs and Entering the Country

Conference visa is generally issued to attend conferences/ seminars/ workshops. Duration of visa sought may allow for tourism/ sightseeing in India in addition to attending the conference, etc.

Please note the validity of the visa is effective from the date of issue.

Local Team

Debian Team

~ Pirate Praveen (DD) ~ Sruthi Chandran (DD) ~ Abhijith PA (DD) ~ Balasankar C (DD) ~ Kartik Mistry (DD) ~ Kumar Appaiah (DD) ~ Utkarsh Gupta (DM) ~ Sagar Ippalpalli (DM) ~ Raju Devidas (D?)

Free Software Enthusiasts

Kannan, Ambady, Ranjith, Sakshi, Anupa, Minto, Mangesh, Pranav, Kartik, Tarun, Siji, Balram, Syam, Joice, Manas, Akhil and many more

Contact Details

* IRC Channel: #debian-in on OFTC

* IRC Contact: libregeekingkid on oftc

Venue: List of probable locations


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