DebConf Printing

This year ?DebConf20 is online. This creates a logistics issue for one of the highlights of the conference: T-shirts.

DebConf is organising central t-shirt printing. We only have a limited budget, and we may not be able to deliver to every country in time, but we'll do our best.

Extra shirts will be available for purchase, details to come.

Of course, anyone who wants to can find their own printer to print themselves a T-shirt, the designs are free.

Sponsor logos are not included on this year's shirts, but we are as always most grateful for their continued support.

Potential printers: Freewear The Debian Merchandise page and complementary wiki page may also have leads relevant to your region who can assist.

The logo can be found here.

The T-shirt design and customisation is up to you, find some ideas here for inspiration:



Regional printing and shipping

If you are willing to coordinate printing and shipping of shirts / merchandise in your region, give your information below.



Comment, volunteer coordinator


South Africa, can try for other African countries

Contact indiebio on IRC



Contact tzafrir on IRC


Europe and the UK

North America

South America


contact lenharo

Australia and Oceania