The specific room allocated for the Haifa bid for Debconf.


Main Talk Rooms

Talk Room 1

Room 715, middle of Southern corridor. 205 seats, fully accessible to wheelchairs.


Talk Room 2

Room 712, middle of Northern corridor. 208 seats, accessible to wheelchairs, except for the speaker.

BoF Room 1

Room 705, a nearby room in the Southern corridor with 60 chairs that are not fixed. It has a projector with HDMI input (likewise are all other rooms mentioned here).

Other BoF Rooms

Rooms 706–710 will be spare BoF rooms.

Rooms 706-709 has 30 non-fixed seats each.


Room 710 has roughly 40 fixed seats in 3 horseshoe-layout rows.


Other Rooms

Hecht Auditorium

Not planning to use it (and it would cost 800₪/day to use) but it's not far and I figured it's worth an honorable mention. 380 seats in two levels with a proper stage and certain musical facilities.