This page will eventually become the page for DebConf20 Online, a contingency plan that the DebConf video team is working on in the event that the current DebConf20 plans or cancelled/postponed.

Things to consider

Take aways from MDCO

During 30+31 May, we hosted an online MiniDebConf.

Some things that we learned:

1. We're always going to have some issues with remote participants having connection problems, electricity cutouts or way underspecced computers. The problems didn't have an impact on our ability to host the conference, but it can be nice to have some backup amusements ready for small cutouts. In one case, our speaker didn't realise that his house lost power, and kept on talking for 10 minutes while not being on stream, might be nice to have a seperate communication channel available (like phone/signal/etc) to keep in touch with a speaker if they go lost. Pre-recorded talks + live questions may provide best of both worlds in terms of stability and interaction.

2. The online MiniDebCamp worked pretty well. In the first day, a bunch of us joined and mostly stayed silent, and then the channel flared up with conversation every time some one new joined the video call and it became progressively more lively. On day two, we watched a live stream from another conference together, which ended up being fun. We can plan some watch parties that goes on the schedule for future events.

3. Hold music is nice while there aren't talks! Also, showing local/UTC time on stream is also useful.

4. Wafer would be nice for schedule since it shows visitor's local time too (we just used a wiki this time).

IRC: #debconf20-online on oftc