Video Team

This is the DC19 ?VideoTeam page. The goal of this page is to document all the aspects of the video process in Curitiba. Also see the ?VideoTeam main page.

Video team documentation can be found on our website

Getting started

DebConf's video process can be divided in 2 distinct parts:


If you want to help out during the conference, please register on the volunteer web page (Note: you have to register yourself in the system at least with name, even if you have a SSO login), or just join #debconf-video.

That said, to be able to record, a lot of job needs to be done prior to the conference. If you wish to join the Video Team, please ?register here.

You can also help remotely or postdebconf doing ?subtitles or translations


You can find our meeting notes here.


There was be 1 videoteam sprints in preparation for DC19:


Pictures of the campus taken by Tumbleweed:


See the Permanent List

Audio Hire List

For DebConf19, we *might* need to hire (non final list):


VideoTeam Equipment Scavenger Hunt