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Vaccination is not required to enter Brazil.

Curitiba is not in the outbreak area, but it's recommended to take a vaccine against yellow fever.

The United Kingdom’s National Health Service advises to:

Please also make sure you’re informed about malaria and risks associated with it. Curitiba is in the low risk area, so antimalarial tablets are not usually advised, but precautions are essential.

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Some information in Portuguese:

Yellow Fever

Acoording to the Paraná's State Office of Health, if you are going to do some type of ecological tourism, in rural areas of the regions with vaccination recommendation - ACRV, the vaccine against yellow fever is highly recommended. A single dose gives protection for a lifetime.

Regional of Health of Paraná and respective areas with and without recommendation of vaccine against yellow fever, Curitiba is the number "2" in the map. The dark gray are the cities with recommendation of vaccine against yellow fever.

Data about yellow fever in Paraná State

Vaccines for those coming to Brazil

If you need to take the vaccine when you are in Curitiba, there is a public hospital near the venue that gives the vaccine for free.