Tips/warnings/suggestions for Newcomers

We can read below tips, warnings, suggestions from experienced attendees to you join DebConf19 and have a great event!

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Judit Foglszinger

Jonathan Carter

Gregor Herrmann

Look after yourself / take care of yourself. DebConf is so full of impressions, experiences, people, languages, new and fun and exciting things that it can be exhausting. It's perfectly fine to tune out and take a nap or go for a walk or spend some hours in a park or cafe or <insert whatever you need to relax>.

Sam Hartman

Conferences have a lot of talks and sessions. I have found though that the networking and connections and personal interactions at conferences are far more valuable in the long term than the sessions.

I find that going to a few of the sessions sparks ideas, but that it's way to easy to get overwhelmed by the sessions and not get a chance to actually act on those ideas.

Typically at a conference like this I only make it to one or two actual scheduled sessions a day. I spend the rest of the time brainstorming, talking about sessions, hacking, connecting with people, and processing what I've learned.

Steve McIntyre