Once again, There is a Snom SIP Phone around where one can make free phone calls.

The phone is located in the corner near the computers in the noisy hacklab (Hotel's 13th floor), opposite side from entrance on the left.

The calls are being generously provided by Gradwell.com in sponsorship of Debian.

The phone has been provided by nodens, and the configuration done by fil (nodens is lazy and never deleted the conf from the phone since last debconf)

To call, just dial as if for an international call, starting with 00 and the country code -- even if dialing Brazil.

The setup should work for almost anything (landline and mobile phones).

Please keep it reasonably short, to allow other Debian people to make their calls too. Well, you can normally see if someone is hovering about or queuing, in which case you should keep it short. That said, if it is a call about the sort of thing that might make you cry, you should take as long as you need - I'm sure people will understand

You can make a donation to DebConf if you wish, but you don't have to.

Contact PhilHands if you cannot get calls to work, as there may be some sort of block that needs to be removed relating to the number you are trying to dial.

Please be sensible about your usage of this -- I could list a lot of stupid things (for those that like lists, stupid things would include: 3h conference calls, calling premium rate numbers without a pretty good reason, prank calls, ...) that you might think of doing with a phone, but I'd prefer to trust people not to do them -- I would think that using it for paid work unrelated to Debian would be the wrong side of the line BTW -- if you're unsure, feel free to ask before making an idiot of yourself.