Park Hiking

This tour is for those who like walking.


In theory we have unbounded capacity for this.



This tour will involve quite some walking. It will be winter (though those who live in high latitudes will not be impressed ;-)), but being during the day and doing all the walking, it should not be too cold; nevertheless, make sure you have at least a light jacket with you. Bring water, and wear comfortable shoes.

We will hit the following places:

Schedule (approximate)


Add you name here:

  1. Antonio Terceiro
  2. Jonathan Carter (sorry got the debbug and taking it easy)

  3. Herbert Fortes
  4. Wilson Sales
  5. Tomasz Rybak (serpent at d.o)
  6. Tzafrir
  7. tobi
  8. Helen Koike
  9. Pedro Terra (pirate)
  10. Cão Drogo (Helen's/Pedro's dog)
  11. Ian Jackson
  12. Valessio Brito
  13. Arthur Diniz
  14. Vagrant
  15. laney