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There aren't. There aren't. You can buy foods and drinks at cafeteria/bar.

Catering and food

On campus

If you were granted a bursary, food is provided to you for the duration of your stay. A meal punch card will be given to you at check-in. We will provide lunches and dinners, only people with accommodation bursary will get breakfast.

If you are not a bursary recipient and you wish to purchase meals on-site, the costs are as follows:

  • Lunch: 5 USD
  • Dinner: 5 USD

Each meal include non-alcoholic beverages. Lunch and dinner also includes a dessert.

You either pay for those items directly online when you register or pay in person when you arrive at the conference. To minimize waste and improve the catering process, only specific meals will be available for purchase. You will not be able to buy, for example, 3 lunches and 2 dinners: the day will have to be specified in advance when you buy the card.

To make our life easier, we recommend you pay them online.

When you first arrive at the conference venue, please pass by the front desk to get your meal tickets and your day plan punch cards.

Meal times

Venue restaurant:

  • Lunh: 11h00min - 14h30min
  • Dinner: 17h30min - 20h30min

Hotel restaurant:

  • Lunh: 12h00min - 14h00min
  • Dinner: 18h00min - 20h00min

Meal places

Meals will be served at venue restaurant on these days:

  • 15th: lunch and dinner
  • 16th: lunch and dinner
  • 17th: lunch and dinner
  • 18th: lunch and dinner
  • 19th: lunch and dinner
  • 20th: lunch
  • 22nd: lunch and dinner
  • 23rd: lunch and dinner
  • 24th: lunch and dinner
  • 25th: lunch
  • 26th: lunch and dinner
  • 27th: lunch

Meals will be served at the hotel restaurant on these days:

  • 14th: lunch and dinner
  • 20th: dinner
  • 21st: lunch and dinner
  • 27th: dinner
  • 28th: dinner

Brazilian barbecue will be served at APUFPR on:

  • 28th: lunch

Conference Dinner will be served at Ledani Restaurant:

  • 25th: dinner


All food prepared by our caterer is made in a peanut-free & nut-free kitchen.

Foods containing other major allergens such as gluten, dairy and egg will be clearly labeled.

If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, and plan on eating on campus, you will be able to alert the organizers by filling out a special field on the registration form.

Coffee / Tea

Coffee and tea will be available 24/7 during the whole conference (DebCamp and DebConf) in carafes at no costs to our lovely attendees.

Non disposable coffee cups will be provided.


Several water fountains are scattered around the venue and are easy to spot with big signage.

They are equipped with a bottle filling dispenser, so bring a water bottle!

The water is clean and safe to drink out of the tap.

Bottled water will be on sale at the cafeteria/bar.


No drinking alcohol in Campus.

Vending machines

There aren't. You can buy foods and drinks at cafeteria/bar.


You can see waht kind of food they have: https://salsa.debian.org/debconf-team/public/share/debconf19/tree/master/photos/organization/utfpr/utfpr-lanches

Off campus