Debian Internet Cafe Distribution

We want to create a custom Debian distribution for Internet cafes, with focus on developing countries. Our goal is

Design Decisions

Level of Modification

To limit the work load, we should try to use all packages unmodified from Debian Etch, with only added packages that change configuration (maybe similar to what DebianEdu is doing). All own development (e.g. time control) should be usable even outside the distribution, and be uploaded to the regular Debian Archive as well. This would also allow the cafe to benefit from security updates.


Installation should be done by a modified DebianInstaller. Less questions asked through preseeding, some questions added (e.g. Name of the Cafe). This should set up the system completely, including a FAI server that allows the clients to install themselves over the network.

Billing & Accounting

We have decidied to create our own system. Some (brainstorm-quality) ideas:

Network security

A rough list what to care for:


What has been done so far:


So far: nomeata (