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Debian Control Center Draft

User friendliness

About coding it

Some things you should allready know

User Interface

A layered model should be used to be able to provide multiple interfaces to the same piece of configuration software.

Different GUI libraries that interface with gtk/html/...

Mid-level componentized python scripts. Communicates with layer 1 through a uniform protocol common to all UI's.

Parsers for the low-level raw config files.

How accomplish multiple interfaces using the same code? You could write Yet Another Library for doing this... Haven't seen things that do html/gtk/qt/console...

Debconf would probably be able to do it, but is rather limited towards user interfaces (no placement/limited number of widgets/no true interaction...).

Something you can't do with debconf: user has one main box containing 3 choises, based on the choise the data presented below that box changes and presents options specific to the choice made by the user

Should we extend debconf, or keep looking for something else for ui abstraction?

Configuration Files

The CFG project allready has quite some parsers for common configuration formats. Question is how we will interface with these parsers. Should we use WBEM, or should we instead rip the parsers out of CFG and define our own interfaces?

Another option is using some lexing/parsing libraries available for python. With these parsing should be an easy process that can be quickly debugged and modified. Only thing we have to do is define our own interface.


Some random thoughts, eg. "this would be nice if..."

 * Simply ssh to remote computers to access meta-config-definitions and config files there?

What exists

A list of some applications/libraries/protocols that should be considered for inclusion/integration/usage

The gaps

Insert here the gaps that exist when configuring a debian system (eg. what we don't have tools for)