Hi, I'm David Van Mosselbeen. My English and Dutch are crazy. Anyway, i try to translate some stuff i can. I'm so sorry for all the typo's i may write and i hope that i may not affect the quality of Debian at all! It's my language that suck, not Debian! Do you understand? :-p Anyway, i hope someone feel it to read and fix the errors i may write. I hope the stuff i have translate may be useful and don't hesitate to correct 'my' (us) stuff and better, to add some things too!

I'm mostly around on the freenode irc network: #debian, #debian-nl know as itchi or dvanmosselbeen, so feel free to contact me if it's about Debian ;-) If you need to contact through mail, use the web form please. http://www.davidvanmosselbeen.be.

I'm sure, Happy Debian! DVM