About me

Hi :)

I'm David Paleino, I was born on March 13, 1987 in a small city in southern Italy, Mazara del Vallo (also here), and since the age of 6 I've fallen in love with computers. I've started using Microsoft DOS 6, Microsoft Windows 3.11 for Workgroups, and so on, until Microsoft Windows XP. In the meanwhile, I was also tasting the beauty of GNU/Linux systems (I started using Debian since version 2.0), but I always kept a "dual-boot" system (yes, I was kinda scared of losing my files).

Since 2001 I'm a full-time GNU/Linux user, and started using Debian GNU/Linux after having tried Gentoo, RedHat, SuSE and some other distribution.

I'm currently studying Odontology (or Dentistry, call it whatever you like), at the University of Palermo. Unfortunately, there aren't (m)any open-source software for dentists. I'm currently at 5th grade, should become a dentist soon. Discounts (and less pain!) for FLOSS-developers ;)

I've also started contributing to Debian, "giving back to the community". They gave me freedom, why not helping them? ;-). I'm a Debian Developer since November 2009.

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Thanks to...

Andreas Tille, who advocated my NM candidature.

Bart Martens, who was my first AM, and Bernd Zeimetz who was my last one, and successfully drove me inside the cabal (what cabal?).

Charles Plessy, Nelson A. de Oliveira, and all the Debian-Med guys for helping me in my first packaging adventures.

Damyan Ivanov, Gregor Herrmann and other guys from the Pkg-Perl group, for the same reasons as the last sentence above.

Enrico Zini, who first signed my GPG key, letting me become DM (yay!) and continue my NM process ;)

Anyone on debian-mentors who helped me becoming a better maintainer.

If you believe I should thank you, for any, any reason, just drop me a mail. You should know how to contact me, sholdn't you? ;-)