Daniel Dickinson

Wiki newbie, seasoned Linux user, recently returned Debian prodigal.

I nuked my website on Geocities because I've decided to take back my privacy. I will eventually replace the site with two domains, one which is clearly attached to my name and generally available email (see below), and another which uses the services of registerfly.com and keeps my identity (mostly) private, hosted on my own server.

My email is alemc at bmts dot com

I occasionally maintain DebianCustomCD (which I started), have added to DebianInstaller/Build and ignore AptMove which I just created as a quickie page since I wanted to reference it in DebianCustomCD. More recently I have created LDAP, ?LDAPTools, ?PowerDNSLdap, ?LdapDn, and ?LDAPFormats. I have also edited ?OpenLDAPSetup and various other pages.

I was attempting to get the package categorization for aptitude updated before Sarge, but that will not happen, so instead I intend to help with adding ?DebTags support and doing ?DebTags categorization (which should actually be easier IMHO).