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SkoleLinux 3.0 released

by: SebastianFeltel

<p><strong>Debian-Edu/Skolelinux 3.0 released</strong> Steffen Joeris <a
announced</a> the release of <a href="">
Skolelinux</a> release 3.0. Skolelinux which is also known as Debian-Edu
is a Debian-based distribution which is aimed at schools and educational
organizations. The new release is based on Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 '<a
href="$(HOME)/releases/etch/">etch</a>' and incorporates a lot of <a
</a> compared to former Skolelinux releases like broader hardware
support, more than 80 applications selected for pedagogic use and a
refactored installation program.</p>

Updated unofficial CD images

by: SebastianFeltel

<p><strong>Updated Etch CD Images with newer Kernel.</strong> Kenshi Muto <a
updated CD <a href="">images</a> for <a
href="$(HOME)/releases/etch/">etch</a> that use a more recent kernel.
The CD uses Linux 2.6.21 from <a href=""></a> and is available for the <a href=
"$(HOME)/ports/i386/">i386</a> and <a href="$(HOME)/ports/amd64/">
AMD64</a> architecture.</p>

Ten years of Social contract

by: SebastianFeltel

<p><strong>Ten years Debian Social Contract</strong> On July 5, 1997 the
first version of the Debian <a href="$(HOME)/social_contract">Social
Contract</a> was ratified. The Social Contract - which also include the
Debian definitions of free software (DFSG) - is one of the foundations
on which the Debian project was founded. To celebrate ten years of SC
there were <a href="">
pancake parties</a> all over the world.</p>