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'''attention''': the DDTP is only temporary system. The new i18n system will replace it. '''attention''': the DDTP is now only a temporary system. The new i18n system will replace it.

DDTP is the Debian Description Translation Project

attention: the DDTP is now only a temporary system. The new i18n system will replace it.

What is it?

The DDTP translate all Debian Package Descriptions. With this you should get the Package Description in your language with '["apt-cache"] show package' or other apt frontends.

The DDTP is a old thing, it was started in 2001 and was stoped at the end of 2003. (After the debconf 2004 in Braszil it work for some months again).

What is the future?

The DDTP should replace with a new i18n infrastructure, to translate all the texts of all parts of debian system.

What is the present?

At this time we have a temporary system. With this the translators can upload new translation. This temporary system miss some important features (like review process, bug tracking, etc).

Because of this, you should it use only, if you find a misstake in a translation or if you don't like to work with other translation work (like debconf templates, etc.). But if you work with this temporary system, your translations will not be lost!

On http://ddtp.debian.net/ is a read-only web interface to the database. If you upload a translation you can check

How to use the translation?

List for DDTP coordination: http://lists.debian.org/debian-ddtp/