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[[DDTP/Future]] See [[DDTP/Future]] and [[I18n/DDTP2]].

DDTP is the Debian Description Translation Project

What is it?

The DDTP translate all Debian Package Descriptions. With this you should get the Package Description in your language with '?apt-cache show package' or other apt frontends (e.g. synaptic, aptitude).

The DDTP is a old thing, it was started in 2001 and was stoped at the end of 2003. (After the debconf 2004 in Brazil it worked for some months again). There is a server up and runing again as ddtp.debian.net.

What is the future?

See DDTP/Future and I18n/DDTP2.

What is the present?

At this time we have a temporary system. With this the translators can upload new translation. This temporary system miss some important features (like review process, bug tracking, etc).

Because of this, you should it use only, if you find a misstake in a translation or if you don't like to work with other translation work (like debconf templates, etc.). But if you work with this temporary system, your translations will not be lost!

On http://ddtp.debian.net/ is a read-only web interface to the database. If you upload a new translation you can check there.

If you like to translate a debian description send a mail to the ddts with the subject 'GET de 2' to pdesc@ddtp.debian.net (replace 'de' with your requested language code). After this you get a mail with a attachement of two untranslated package descriptions. Translate this file and send it back as atachement.

How to use the translation?

If you like to use the translations, you need the apt version from testing/unstable (Version >0.7). Make sure that you use the 'sid' repository and a mirror like ftp.de.debian.org and that your LANG environment is set to your language. Instead of LANG you can alternatively add APT::Acquire::Translation "pt_BR"; to apt.conf.

After the next apt-get update you should see the translation with all apt-tools, if you have set your environment (e.g LC_MESSAGES=pt_BR).

To get the last translations, add this line in your apt/sources.list: deb http://ddtp.debian.net/debian testing main


  • review-system
  • move ddtss to i18n, use direkt the db
  • po-file export/import support
  • cleanup the lang codes
  • don't auto add new lang codes
  • improve generate lang codes (use munin, rdd, ...?)
  • fix: deb http://ddtp.debian.net/debian sid main (add real mirror or empty Packages files)

  • make a list with diff-descriptions (old translated descriptions, with new unstranslated descriptions) per lang
  • add auto translations:
    • some phrases (like Homepage: <.*>)

    • some autogenerated packages (all packages from kernel-package)
  • add comments-support to ddtp
  • ignore PGP signature

TODO-List done

  • linke the parts to the descriptions
    • done
  • Translation-Files should be generate ordered
    • done
    • done
  • use Task (+1) and Tag (role::program +1; role::devel-lib -2; role::metapackage +1; role::shared-lib -1; role::data -1; role::source -2;
    • done

Database structur 20110730


----------- DDT Tables -----------
# Store the english Description
Packages2db.pl           -> description_tb      -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> db2Translation.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> Translation2db.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, db2web.pl, stat.pl)
                                                -> DDTP (db2status_page.cgi)
                                                -> db2po.pl (unused)
                                                -> db2file.pl (unused)

# cross list of descriptions_id and part_md5
Packages2db.pl           -> part_description_tb -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

# store distri and start- and end-date·
Packages2db.pl           -> description_tag_tb  -> db2Translation.pl
                                                -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, db2web.pl, ddts-stats)
                                                -> db2po.pl (unused)

# store package name and version with the description
Packages2db.pl           -> package_version_tb  -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

# store the description_id from sid
Packages2db.pl           -> active_tb           -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> DTT (stat.pl)

# a temp table (only for update-process)
Packages2packages_tb.pl  -> packages_tb         -> packages_tb2Packages.pl

----------- DDTP Tables -----------
# store the translation
completeTranslations.pl  -> translation_tb      -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, stat.pl, ddts-stats)
                                                -> DDTP (db2status_page.cgi)
                                                -> db2file.pl (unused)

# store translated parts of description·
Translation2db.pl        -> part_tb             -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

                            owner_tb            -> DDT (ddt.cgi)