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/!\ This is now completed!

/!\ This is now completed!

Migration from ddtp2.d.n to ddtp.d.o

Wiki page to coordinate the migration effort of DDTP to a DSA machine.


To be confirmed/completed/corrected

  • Determine the resource requirements of the service
  • Request to DSA the creation of a new vm to host ddtp.d.o
  • Install DDTP on the new machine
  • Copy the db(s) to the new machine
  • Redirect ddtp2.d.n to ddtp.d.o
  • Ask FTP masters to change the script that fetch new translations
  • Ask UDD maintainers to adapt UDD importer

  • Profit Maintain DDTP


What are the resource requirements for running DDTP?

According to https://ddtp2.debian.net/munin/localdomain/localhost.localdomain/index.html, the current VM uses 1G RAM and the PostgreSQL database takes 10G.

Is the mail interface still used?

Puppet manifest to install DDTP

About Debian services

Sending tickets to DSA team

?SingleSignOn on Debian services



  • Andrey Skvortsov
  • Thomas Vincent