we need some navigation on every page...

and a footer on every page with link to source and bug page...

user config

some things for the team page


Per language:

Messages System

maybe with some notifications per mail, if you get new messages

maybe to generate some notification, if a milestone have some new untraslated description, add subscriptions etc.

Milestone System

We should manage a set of descriptions as collection. Ex. all description in the task XXX, all description with the Tag YYY, etc.

With this collections we can make contests ('translate all descriptions of the desktop task')

The Debian Description Tracking (DDT) make this collections on a daily basis:

Maybe we can add collection per hand:

The user/the coordinator should select a milestone for fetching new descriptions. (prepare)

The it-team have a nice script ( ) with this we can add milestones like:

The sql-table for this is:

CREATE TABLE description_milestone_tb (
    description_milestone_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    description_id integer NOT NULL,
    milestone text NOT NULL

levenshtein milestone

A Milestone with short Levenshtein edit distance of translated descriptions

Statistic / Numbers

To motivate the reviewer and translator we will collect some numbers and print some graphs in the new system.

The graphs:

add more...

The proposed sql-table for this is:

CREATE TABLE statistic_tb (
    statistic_id serial PRIMARY KEY,
    value integer NOT NULL,
    date integer NOT NULL
    stat text NOT NULL

# stat: the milestone-name or something like 'user:USERID:trans' etc.

proposed Database layout

proposel feature



I miss the the former German word list. It had the nice feature listing several English variants for one word. So it could provide translation proposals even for misspelled English.

On the other hand, the list seemed to be decoupled from the German wordlist in the wiki.

Perhaps the use of two word lists and a wiki-aware documented way to enhance it would be worth thinking about. Over time, translators get more hints and the misspellings list could be used to filter new incoming translations.

Done: in the old ddtss


changes without review

The lang admin / some user should make changes without the normal review process.

automatic translation

Add a list of phrases, like the wordlist.

If a phrase is found in the english description, translate this with help from the list

a Bug-submitter client

To submit wishlist Bugs for errors in the english description to the debian BTS

Translation/Review page: show descriptions with relative descriptions

Translation page: partial translation

It should be possible to make only partial translation, click "Submit" (and check "It's not full translation" box) and this description should stay in "Pending translation" section with some distinctive icon. It could be automatic if user doesn't translate all paragraphs, but in descriptions like this [1], with one veeeery long paragraph users should have ability to flag it manually. /You may also add option to pelt author of description like this [1] with tomatoes, but it's different kettle of fish ;) /

possible to lock descriptions, to prevent a translation (per Language)

Mail interface

know bugs, old system

Grisu's TODO-List


start the server