DDTP is the Debian Description Translation Project

What is it?

The DDTP allows translators to translate all Debian package descriptions. With this you should get translated package descriptions in your language.

This page contains information mostly aimed to those who want to contribute to maintaining/manage the DDTP system itself.

For more detailed information related to the translation work itself, see the Debian website pages on DDTP and DDTSS, the web interface for the translation work.

What is the future?

See DDTP/Future and I18n/DDTP2 and DDTP/Migration.

What is the present?

On https://ddtp.debian.org/ is a read-only web interface to the database. If you upload a new translation you can check there.

If you like to translate a Debian description send a mail to the ddts with the subject 'GET de 2' to pdesc@ddtp.debian.org (replace 'de' with your requested language code). After this you get a mail with a attachment of two untranslated package descriptions. Translate this file and send it back as attachment.

How to use the translation?

The translations will be used by default on Debian package management software.


TODO-List done

Database structure 20110730


----------- DDT Tables -----------
# Store the english Description
Packages2db.pl           -> description_tb      -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> db2Translation.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> Translation2db.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, db2web.pl, stat.pl)
                                                -> DDTP (db2status_page.cgi)
                                                -> db2po.pl (unused)
                                                -> db2file.pl (unused)

# cross list of descriptions_id and part_md5
Packages2db.pl           -> part_description_tb -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

# store distri and start- and end-date·
Packages2db.pl           -> description_tag_tb  -> db2Translation.pl
                                                -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, db2web.pl, ddts-stats)
                                                -> db2po.pl (unused)

# store package name and version with the description
Packages2db.pl           -> package_version_tb  -> Packages2db.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

# store the description_id from sid
Packages2db.pl           -> active_tb           -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> DTT (stat.pl)

# a temp table (only for update-process)
Packages2packages_tb.pl  -> packages_tb         -> packages_tb2Packages.pl

----------- DDTP Tables -----------
# store the translation
completeTranslations.pl  -> translation_tb      -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> file2Translation.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi, stat.pl, ddts-stats)
                                                -> DDTP (db2status_page.cgi)
                                                -> db2file.pl (unused)

# store translated parts of description·
Translation2db.pl        -> part_tb             -> completeTranslations.pl
                                                -> DDT (ddt.cgi)

                            owner_tb            -> DDT (ddt.cgi)