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     * (oldpeople: http://oldpeople.debian.org/~zack)
   * alioth: http://alioth.debian.org/~zack/

This page collect links forming the Debian Developer's Portfolio, i.e, a list of resources collecting per-developer information.

In order to have working links, all the links reported below have been obtained using full name: Stefano Zacchiroli (yours truly), e-mail: zack@debian.org, Debian login: zack, GPG key fingerprint: 8156FBF93EC1D872722D3632D5CA9B04F2C423BC. To obtain your own links replace the needed data with yours.

Feel free to contribute to the portfolio:

  • if you are aware of any resource collecting per-DD information, please add it here, following the convention above
  • if you discover that some of the links in the portfolio is broken, please fix or (at worst) remove it

Jan Dittberner created a service for generating most of these URLs by giving your email address and non-DD email address. The service (now called Debian Member Portfolio) is hosted by Jan and is available at http://portfolio.debian.net/ (see developer documentation on readthedocs.org)

Debian Developer Portfolio