Debian-based Debian-configured Debian-distributed Distribution

A DDD is a subset of a single Debian distribution, installed using Debian-provided configuration interface using Debian-prepared media.

  1. First "D" indicates that the distribution was actually finalized (on CD, DVD or other media) by Debian
  2. Second "D" indicates that packages are installed using the Debian-provided configuration interface (not overriding policy - see bug 311188 for an example)

  3. Third "D" indicates that all packages are binary identical to those officially distributed by Debian (not rebuilt)


Actual implementations following the DDD definition:

Drafts intended to follow the DDD definition:


The term is inspired by the SPARS Code and the related Debian term CDD.


The term DDD as defined here is different from the similarly abbreviatable term "Debian-derived distribution" as defined in the CustomDebianManifesto.