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DAM members are DPL delegates (as per [[http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution#item-8|Debian Constitution §8]]). [[https://www.debian.org/intro/organization#dam|DAM members]] are DPL delegates (as per [[http://www.debian.org/devel/constitution#item-8|Debian Constitution §8]]).
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Debian Account Manager (DAM) resources

Task description

The Debian Account Managers (DAM) are responsible for maintaining the list of members of the Debian Project, also known as Debian Developers. DAMs are authoritative in deciding who is a member of the Debian Project and can take subsequent actions such as approving and expelling Project members.

DAMs are helped in the task by the Front Desk team members, who run the New Maintainer process.


DAM members are DPL delegates (as per Debian Constitution §8). The current delegation text is available.

Interesting pointers

Account Name Policy

  • account names must consist entirely of lower-case letters and digits, must contain at least one letter, and should start with a letter. There is a natural exception for ham radio callsigns starting with a digit.
  • there is no upper limit on the length, but we will reject very long names (Django limits user names to 30 characters)
  • account names should be at least three letters long
  • we reserve the right to reject names if they are overly generic, or are similar to role names in the project
  • "should" means that you might be able to convince us otherwise if you have good reasons
  • no dots in usernames: disallowed by DSA