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D Programming Language is an object-oriented, imperative, multiparadigm system programming language, originated as a re-engineering of C++. D has redesigned some C++ features and has been influenced by concepts used in other programming languages, such as Java, C# and Eiffel.


The LLVM D Compiler (LDC) and the GNU D Compiler (GDC) are available in Debian. Because the ABIs generated by the different compilers are not compatible, all shared libraries *must* be build with LDC as of now. Standalone applications may choose GDC or LDC.

Dub, D's package manager, can not be used for Debian packaging at time, as it lacks ways to find locally installed source copies, writes into $HOME at build-time, does not install binaries and does not handle dependencies on C libraries well. It is recommended to use the Meson build system or Automake/CMake for D code instead.

A list of issues related to D packaging can be found here.

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