This page has been created in order to support possible meetings of people involved in CustomDebian (DebianEdu, DebianMed, DebianScience)

A meeting in Extremadura?

travel info

Fresh information on how to get from the airport to Merida - Quoting Cesar:

Topics to work on

CDD toolkit

There are currently two toolkits that are intended to simplify and generally support common techniques of all CDDs. is used to build Debian-Med packages so it is at least in use for one CDD but for certain reasons it was not widely adopted.

Moreover there is the newly developed CDDT toolkit that was intended to replace cdd-dev but the development was stalled.

Finally there exists the build system that is used for DebianEdu.

One goal for the meeting would be to create the base for a common toolkit that fits the needs for all CDDs.


On DebianScience/CDD it was discussed that one CDD for all sciences might be not useful because the needs are very different. While this is right in theory it is better to start with a common CDD and later split those from this common science pool where people will become engaged to actually do the work. It's similar in DebianMed: In principle it covers two fields: the "pure" medical part and the preclinical research part of microbiology. In the beginning of DebianMed there was an angry user who shouted heavily that we should leave out the biology part. The answer was: The biology part will be immediately separated from DebianMed if somebody starts a separates Biology related CDD. This statement is valid also today but up to now nobody volunteered to do the work.

So the strategy is simple: Support scientists in a common CDD at best we can, find out the advantages and drawbacks of every field under one roof and separate things where interest is growing and separation makes sense finally. It sounds like ?DebiChem ( ) would be a good candidate.

To start working there is a first list of potential packages at DebianScience/Classification that should most probably be reduced to become practically usable (we just do not have reasonable dependencies for all) but it could be a good starting point for an Extramadura meeting.

Organizational Stuff

People interested to attend:




What do you want to do


tillea (at) gmail (dot) com


Further development of CDD tools; Kickstarting Debian-Science CDD


Join DebianEdu meeting?

debian-science CDD (with cdd-dev) and Live-CD (with live-helper); happy to work on common tools and goals with other CDD as DebianEdu, DebianMed, DebianGis, debichem, etc.


domibel att


debian-science CDD


no, travel from US difficult anyway

debian-science CDD / Live-CD integration with Quantian


rmages (at) ffii (dot) org

October or November

Debian-Science CDD

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