CubieBoard is a name used for a series of ARM boards from Cubietech. It is also used to refer to just the first one of this series.

Cubieboard1 Specs

Can I put Debian on my CubieBoard?

Jessie should be installable on Cubieboard1 using u-boot 2014.04+dfsg1-2, linux-image-*-armmp 3.16.7-2, and the daily builds of the netboot or hd-media installer (20141124). Ethernet, USB, MMC and serial console all work out of the box. Instructions using debian-installer are available on the Allwinner page.

Unofficial images are also available, e.g. Cubian (see links section), which may have additional features enabled.

GPL Violations

The ?SoCs on the Cubieboards are produced by Allwinner, which is known for several GPL violations, although is now (2016) trying to address past failures, and work better with the community.