Cruft is a tool to look over your system for anything that shouldn't be there, but is; or for anything that should be there, but isn't. It is available as package cruft in the debian archive.

This page is meant as a place to assemble ideas and guidelines about cruft usage from perspective of a Debian package maintainer or a system administrator, before properly integrating them as package documentation.

Purpose of this tool

This tool can be used for many purpose:

Work in Progress

Current open bugs about cruft found left over by packages:;

Maybe this list could be merged with piuparts list: ?;

How to tag an existing bug

bts user , usertag 1017445 cruft

Guidelines on creating filters and explain scripts

Move some Cruft functionality in debhelper/dpkg

Cruft need to know which files will be removed by dpkg --purge; If those were in a machine-readable format, this would greatly reduce ad-hoc cruft ruleset, this could also make 'dpkg' itself better. proposal

Other distributions

Fedora and other RPM-based distros have %ghost files/dirs that may or may not be there. If they are there, they are owned by the package. If they aren't there, not error is raised.