Craig Small

Hello, my name is Craig and I have been a Debian developer for around 10 years. I am also a New Maintainer application manager as well as one of the people who does stuff for the Debian website.

I also sponsor a few packages and regularly check to see what new packages are around. If you have a package you want sponsored then follow the usual process. If it is something I'm interested in and I have some, I'll probably offer to sponsor it.


I look after about 10 packages in Debian of which 7 of them I'm also the upstream maintainer. I seem to collect packages orphaned by upstreams for some reason. They used to be listed here, but its much easier to look at My Debian QA page for that list, as it updates all the time.

Contacting me

My debian username is csmall so just put an on it for email or you can try jabber I am also found on IRC as seeS.