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This pages are meant as a course on maintaining packages in Debian. Sadly, the course isn't complete: feel free to add content or rewrite obsolete parts!


  1. Creating a chroot environment for testing

  2. Compiling a program from source
    1. Binaries and sources. Compilation

    2. Compiling and linking with gcc

    3. Building with a Makefile

    4. Building with Autotools

  3. Creating our own Makefile
    1. How does a Makefile work

    2. Creating a simple Makefile
    3. Variables in a Makefile
    4. Makefile components

  4. Autotools
  5. Patches


  1. What's a package?

  2. What can you do with a package?

  3. Source of a package

  4. Compiling a package from source

Creating a package

  1. Debhelper
  2. Creating a simple package with Autotools
  3. debian/control
  4. debian/rules

  5. debian/copyright
  6. debian/changelog
  7. Creating a simple package with Makefile
  8. Creating a simple python package
  9. Creating a simple PHP Web App package
  10. Creating a multi-binary package with autotools
  11. Creating a multi-binary package with Makefile

Working with packages

  1. Lintian and linda
  2. pbuilder and cowbuilder

Advanced packaging

  1. ?Handling patches with quilt

  2. Allowing user options with debconf



Maintaining a package


Debian infrastructure

  1. Overview of Debian
  2. Digital signatures