Debian Contribution Certification

for Debian Developers

If you are a DD and you'd like an official certification of that fact, you can ask DPL to send it to you. It might be a nice addition to your resume.

Alternatively, you can also confirm your status by linking to your nm status page,, replacing 'loginname' with your DD username.

Please remember that it takes anyhow some time to check the data and prepare one, so please refrain to ask one just for vanity; whereas if you need it for work or anything else: no problem, just go ahead and ask.

See example: example-certificate.pdf

how to ask for a certificate

Debian Project Leader

If you are DPL, you may use a LaTeX template created for that purpose. It's in the Git repository of the DPL salsa group.


Thanks to Agnieszka Cicha-Cisek ( who designed the certificate template and Patryk Cisek.