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= Debian Developer Certification = ## page was renamed from DDCertificate
= Debian Contribution Certification =

Debian Contribution Certification

for Debian Developers, Debian Maintainers, Debian Contributors

If you are a DD, a DM or a Debian Contributor and you'd like an official certification of that fact, you can ask DPL to send it to you. It might be a nice addition to your resume.

Please remember that it takes anyhow some time to check the data and prepare one, so please refrain to ask one just for vanity; whereas if you need it for work or anything else: no problem, just go ahead and ask.

See example: example-certificate.pdf

how to ask for a certificate

  • Mail leader@debian.org using your @debian.org address asking for a certificate

  • By default, you'll get back a signed PDF (i.e. including a "digitalized pen signature") and a detached GPG signature

Debian Project Leader

If you are DPL, you may use a LaTeX template created for that purpose. It's in the Git repository of the DPL salsa group.


Thanks to Agnieszka Cicha-Cisek (aga@prezu.one.pl) who designed the certificate template and Patryk Cisek.