autopkgtest is the software that runs test suites that are defined by DEP8 (link to current spec.).

An autopkgtest is also the name for such a test suite.

Autopkgtests of Debian packages are run on by the debci package on the Debian CI service.


It can be helpful to run tests locally to make sure everything is working. Here are the steps to do that.

First you want to get a Debian image. autopkgtest provides a utility to easily build an image.

This creates an image with debian unstable on it.

Now you can use this image to test your source package (gdk-pixbuf):

This will run the tests located in debian/tests.

A lighter way to run them from your development environment is to use

which expects that dependencies are already installed.

Still can't reproduce issues?

The Debian CI service environment may be subtly different from your environment. One can however request access to the container that ran the tests, by pinging elbrus or terceiro on #debci

Useful Links

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Tips for autopkgtest in Debian: overcoming several setup issues and some advise related to lxc and apt-cacher-ng

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